If you don’t recognize the man above then don’t worry. His name is Stephen Jordan. He’s a 27 year old, professional footballer who plays for Burnley. He started his playing career with Manchester City but after seven years and 51 appearences he was released.

Stephen Jordan is what is known as a “journeyman footballer.” A man who will never play for his country, never play in the Champions League, and who will spend most of his playing career outside of the Premiership.

Theo Walcott is meant to be England’s big hope in the World Cup this summer. He has blistering pace, scored a hat-trick against Croatia, and was the youngest member of England’s last World Cup squad in Germany.

Yet on Wednesday night, Walcott could not get past Stephen Jordan. Trevor Francis claimed that Stephen Jordan had an excellent game. Walcott made Jordan’s job a lot easier when he decided to run into Jordan every time he got the ball. If Frosty the fucking Snowman was playing left-back for Burnley I’m sure that even he would have had a good game if his opponent just ran into him.

Walcott must be thick.

He has no footballing brain. But he’s fast – so is Usain Bolt. So instead of signing a world class striker, why not sign a world class sprinter!

Eboue or Walcott? Eboue please. His passes are better, he keeps possession of the ball more and his “give and go’s” are more effective.

The fact that Chris Eagles was more effective than Walcott says it all. At this rate, Walcott will not be traveling to South Africa in June. He has just come back from injury, he’s still only 20, so he has time. But not much time.

Manuel Almunia on the other hand has no more time. He’s 33 in May. He is worse than Emma Byrne the goalkeeper for the Arsenal Ladies.

Late on in the second half of Wednesday’s game, against Burnley, the ball was hit high into the Arsenal penalty area. Sagna watches the ball drop, expecting Almunia to collect. He doesn’t. Instead, he stays on his line. Sagna then rushes to clear with a Burnley attacker right on him. Facing his own goal, he tries to clear the ball on the turn while being challenged. The referee gives a foul, Sagna is nearly injured. Almunia is still on his line. Sagna then picks up the ball, holds it out in the the direction of Almunia and shouts something at him in French. Something along the lines of: “Why didn’t you come and take this when it landed in your box?”

Tomorrow morning is the Champions League draw, but with Theo Walcott and Manuel Almunia in the Arsenal team we may as well keep our expectations low.

Last word.

Tony Pulis: Fuck-off back to Championship you four eyed wank!

Keep it Arsenal


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