Ban Nasri – Then Ban Barmby and Stephen Cunt

If Samir Nasri’s gets a three match ban for his light stamp on Richard Garcia, then half of the Hull City team deserve equal punishment. The Hull players behaved like a pack of bullies. You had six Hull players surrounding Nasri, four of them causing actual bodily harm.

Let’s start with Stephen Cunt. Grabbing Nasri’s shirt, using threatening behavior and acting like a possessed drunkard. Who does this Irish lout think he is? Disgusting behavior by a man whose only skill seems to be closing the opposition down and running all day long.

Nick Barmby will get his head kicked in if I ever see the ex-Spurs cunt. The motherfucker forcefully pushed Nasri with both hands on the side of the face. That act deserves a three match ban alone.

Then there is Craig Fagan. A nothing footballer who should be playing in Division One. How this man is a Premiership player beggars belief. His blatant dive that won Hull a penalty was cheating at it’s best. A shocking decision by the referee. But his aggressive actions towards Nasri deserved a yellow card at the least. I am glad that Danny Guthrie of Newcastle broke his leg last season. Shame it didn’t end Fagan’s football career.

Richard Garcia caused the melee or ruck by deciding to be unsporting and not give Nasri the ball so that he could take the free-kick. When Nasri lightly stepped on his foot, Garcia, shamefully reacted as if he had been hit by an Israeli bullet in the Gaza Strip. And the Hull City goalkeeper Boaz Myhill cannot get away with his aggressive acts either. Regardless of what he did on Saturday, he needs a ban for having the unfortunate name Boaz.

But the fact is that none of these sly, no-nothing, useless pieces of Hull shit will ever face a ban. The FA will just ban Nasri for three games.

Double standards. But what do you expect from the FA.

Keep it Arsenal


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