Confidence Returns

“Cunt” is a misunderstood word. When I think of a “cunt” I don’t think of a female vagina. Instead, I think of Phil Brown, Wayne Rooney, Nick Barmby, David Bentley or Gary Neville. The list is endless.

On Sunday, Gabby Agbonlahor – a man who looks like an abortion that survived – will try and replicate his goal at The Emirates last season. Villa beat Arsenal 2-0 that day with Agbonlahor’s pace causing all sorts of problems. Villa also missed a penalty and deserved their victory. This time it’s revenge.

I’ve never liked Villa. In the Christmas game of 1998, I watched Arsenal lose 3-2 away at Villa Park after leading 2-0 at half-time. At half-time, Villa had hired a team of skydiving Santa’s to parachute onto the Villa pitch. One of the Santa’s on his approach hit the roof of one of the stands and dropped to floor like a dead stone. He was hospitalized with half-time being extended by an extra 30 minutes. This worked well for Villa who came out flying with Stan Cuntymore scoring twice in a game Arsenal should have won. In the away section, we Arsenal fans were pelted with coins by Villa fans in the seats above us. They also sang England songs all afternoon as well chants about Arsenal being a bunch dirty foreigners. To add insult to injury, we were kept behind by stewards and police who treated us like concentration camp prisoners.

Villa are a team of divers. If you breathe on Heskey, Agbonlahor, or Ashley Young, they will fall to the floor like that skydiving Santa did back in 1998. Especially the latter two. Petrov also likes to take a tumble but usually outside of the penalty area. From the resulting free-kick by Milner or Young, Villa will try and score from a header by Carew.

Defensively, Villa are good. Brad Freidel is better than Almunia and Richard Dunne seems to be having some sort of revival.

But I feel Arsenal have turned a corner with their victory over Hull City. The ruck seems to have galvanized the lads and confidence seems to have returned to certain players. Almunia played better after his penalty save. He looked more confident on crosses and started to command his area with authority. Eduardo needed a goal. As a striker, doubt creeps in when you have a scoreless streak. His goal will bring back his self-belief which should lead to the Brazilian/Croatian going on a scoring spree.

Diaby last Saturday won the free-kick that led to Arsenal’s first goal. He then assisted in the second goal and scored the third. Not bad for a man coming back from injury. I always feel that Diaby plays better when Cesc is not playing. His best position is the one that Cesc plays in. He seems to be a player that does well in a more attacking role.

Many Gooners are looking at the January transfer like a man on death row looks at a pair of perfect breasts. They are drooling over signings in the striker department.

I’m not. We are covered in that area.

But in the center-back area we are not. If Gallas or Vermaelen get injured, Arsenal are fucked. We only have emergency cover. I hope that Wenger signs a center-back otherwise Arsenal will be like a man who has just been diagnosed with cancer but who has no medical insurance.

It worries me.

Last word: Tomas Rosicky is stalling on signing a new contract. Fucking unbelievable! The man should be begging Arsenal for a new contract not the other way around.

Keep it Arsenal


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