Gooners ask each other what striker should Wenger sign in January. Huntelaar, Carlton Cole, or Dzeko.

I say none of them.

We need another Lauren. A man who stands up and fights till the end. This Arsenal team needs grit. We don’t need Stephen Cunt of Hull City calling us pussies by saying that Arsenal players cannot cope with the physical side of the game.

I have two words for Stephen Cunt – FUCK OFF!

Here’s what the diver Wayne Rooney had to say about Lauren who played for both Arsenal and Wednesday’s opponents Portsmouth:

“About 15 minutes from the end of the Manchester United-Arsenal game (that ended Arsenal’s 49 game unbeaten run) we were given a penalty which was lucky for us. Ruud (van Nistelrooy) scored, which made them (Arsenal) even more furious. As we came off the pitch there was a lot of jostling. The Arsenal lads seemed to be most worked up about Ruud, accusing him of cheating. There had been a bust-up between him and Patrick Vieira in a previous game which had lingered on.

I was in the dressing-room, taking off my shirt, when I heard shouting outside in the corridor. I went out and a scuffle was taking place between some of our players and the Arsenal team. Everyone was shouting and pushing and yelling. Perhaps a few haymakers were thrown as well, although nothing serious. An Arsenal player threw a piece of pizza at Sir Alex. It must have been lying around, left over from a buffet, and it hit Sir Alex and made a right a mess of his suit jacket.

I then piled in, looking for a piece of action, preferably with Lauren. He was right in the thick of it and seemed to be causing all the trouble, after making sarcastic remarks throughout the game. I tried to get at him but was pulled off. Eventually, though, the security men broke it all up and we filed back into our dressing rooms.”

Lauren is a hero. He had balls. The current Arsenal team is crying out for a Lauren. Song is the exception – a man also from Cameroon.

Keep it Arsenal


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