Bolton Wanderers Back to Back

It’s been an eventful week so far. Liverpool were knocked out of the FA Cup 3rd Round by Championship side Reading who are fighting a relegation battle. Liverpool cannot afford to fire Benitez. It would cost them over $25 million. I have no sympathy for Liverpool fans. Growing up in London during the late 1970’s and 1980’s a lot of kids supported Liverpool because they won trophies. They were glory hunters – the original Man U fans. They hated Arsenal when George Graham turned the club’s fortunes around. They still do but even more so because Wenger has got Arsenal playing better football than any of the Liverpool teams that played throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Liverpool are in trouble. If they don’t make 4th spot at the end of this season, then Torres will have to go. Gerrard may follow. Off the pitch, they are financially unstable. An average team and bad finance do not bode well.

Eight Ghanians from the victorious Under 20 World Cup team are in Ghana’s squad to play Ivory Coast today. With a number of notable names missing – such as Essien and Appiah – from Ghana’s team tomorrow, we could see one or two of them make their African Cup of Nations debut.

Certain English managers have been complaining about losing players to the tournament. In France, 66 players have left to play in Angola. Haven’t heard many complaints coming from their club managers and coaches.

Haven’t seen an Arsenal hat-trick for a long time, especially in the Premier League. I wonder if Sunday’s game against Bolton will provide one for Arsenal. Eduardo step forward.

Two back to back games against Bolton. What joy!

Keep it Arsenal

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