Here Come The Arsenal

“When we beat them 3-0, I thought they were out of it to be honest. Arsenal are right back in the frame again.” – John Terry

There is a long way to go before we can call Chelsea champions, even if they look the part. They are almost everyone’s choice to win the title but if they slip up, United will be in a good position to capitalize. Ferguson is a wise old man. The most intriguing team in all of football however is Arsenal F.C.

After Chelsea beat us at the Emirates back in November, we were written off. Wenger stated then that Chelsea would drop points and that the title race was not over. Add his comments that Drogba hadn’t really done much in that match (he scored a brace, nothing new, really) and you had all manner of headlines referring to how much of a bad loser our manager is.

Show me a good loser and I’ll show you a loser. More important, show me a manager with the strength and vision to make those observations and I’ll show you Arsene Wenger. Kudos also to the players for not dropping their heads.

Start looking over your shoulder John Terry. It seems that Arsene knew a little something about Chelsea that others might have missed. I am not diminishing their ability to look like an all-conquering side but Chelsea are not invincible.

Let’s be clear, if Arsenal were a race car today, we’d be the one with second hand parts but still competing with the super elite models at the front. Our injury list is scary. The rate at which our players get injured is scarier. We have no business being on the verge of going top of the league.

Again, there is a long way to go. Nothing is won yet. We have to stay grounded. All familiar and often heard cliches but no less welcome. How many people predicted we’d be in this position?

So far we’ve experienced the loss of Robin van Persie, a player who’s form was comparable to what we’re currently seeing from our captain. We’ve managed quite well with a brave but less than 100% Andrey Arshavin. We’ve practically run our central defenders into the ground. We fielded the promising but very inexperienced Craig Eastmond at the Reebok Sunday to “replace” the outstanding Alex Song. Most impressively however, we’ve stayed in the title race with a clown in goal.

I always said doubt us at your peril. To my fellow Gooners who’ve kept the faith I say hold on for the ride. The fun is just starting.


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