Please Get Injured

Having Almunia in goal is like fighting off plaque by brushing your teeth with your finger. The man has got to go because his confidence already has. I can’t have a man protecting the Arsenal goal with fucking zero confidence. But Almunia doesn’t pick the team Wenger does. Unless Almunia gets an injury or an illness, we Gooners are stuck with the clown.

Before yesterday’s game, I really thought that Arsenal were going to fuck Man U up, especially after I read their team sheet. On paper, that was the weakest Man U team to visit The Emirates. Little did I know that Clichy and Denilson were going to have games that would make even pub players cringe.

Diaby can’t come back soon enough for Denilson. Whereas with Clichy, I would rather play Pat Rice in his position.

“We gave them too much room,” said Wenger afterwards. No shit! Every time Rooney got the ball players backed off and let him turn and pick his pass. He could have turned slower than an oil tanker and the Arsenal players still would have backed off. It was disgusting to watch.

Two of Man U’s goals came from Arsenal corners. Funny because Everton two weeks ago scored from an Arsenal corner. Every time Arsenal get a corner, I now find myself praying that we don’t concede – it should be the other fucking way around!

Park ran half the fucking field, with the ball, unchallenged before passing the ball into the net. Robbers have a harder time stealing from a corpse!

Arsenal’s problem against the big teams is that they must score first otherwise they lose all technical discipline and shape chasing the equalizer. The natural instinct of Arsenal’s midfield, bar Song, is to attack. This instinct goes into overdrive when Arsenal are a goal down. Nasri, Denilson, and Rosicky couldn’t protect their cocks with a condom let alone the Arsenal defence. They were fucking weak.

Sure if Arsenal had taken their chances early on it might have been a different game. If Bobby Kennedy hadn’t been shot Nixon might not have been President. The benefit of hindsight is always great but I’m not a “what if man.” I leave that shit to fortune tellers and losers.

Ferguson got his tactics spot on yesterday. Sit back and hit Arsenal on the break. Arsenal were so susceptible to a counter-attack that it made watching yesterday’s game frightening. Arsenal need to take a leaf out of Ferguson’s book. Man U attack as a team and defend as a team. Arsenal, however, attack as a team but defend in isolation.

Football has changed but the concept of defending hasn’t. If your faced with one attacker, you need two defenders back. If your faced with two attackers, you need three defenders back. If your faced with no attackers, you still need defenders back because if you lose possession against Man U – who are good on the counter-attack – you will get punished.

Yesterday, Wenger played five central midfielders, four of them are attack minded and built like boys. Against Chelsea on Sunday that needs to change.

Keep It Arsenal


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