Vanessa Perroncel

The woman above is Vanessa Perroncel. She’s a French underwear model but has become famous for shagging England and Chelsea captain John Terry while she was dating his ex-best friend Wayne Bridge – the Manchester City left back. According to the Daily Mail, Miss Perroncel was caught having sex with married man Terry in Wayne Bridge’s bedroom. John Terry also made her pregnant, which resulted in an abortion.

All of this news was initially blocked by John Terry’s lawyers who obtained a super injunction preventing the media from reporting on the affair. But last Friday the injunction was lifted. Now all hell has broken loose on John Terry’s personal life with Vanessa Perroncel having hired publicist Max Clifford to get her the best deal to tell her side of the story.

According to The Mirror, John Terry’s wife has fled to Dubai. He is now fighting for his marriage – by constantly phoning his wife – which has become his number one priority. On Friday, Terry will meet with England manager Fabio Capello to determine if he will still be the England captain. Then on Sunday, Terry faces an unpredictable and injury hit Arsenal.

Arsenal, John Terry and Arsene Wenger are all hurting right now but for different reasons. Terry’s mind is elsewhere. He doesn’t want a divorce and doesn’t need his personal life to be in turmoil in the middle of the football season.

For Arsenal, the Chelsea game is make or break. Lose and it’s all over regarding the Premiership title. Win and Arsenal are right back in the mix.

For Wenger, the Chelsea game is a big test. He gambled on playing a weakened team against Stoke in the FA cup and lost. But most Gooners accepted that sacrificing the FA cup for a shot at the title was fair game. But with 1 point from 6 to show for his last two Premiership games, Wenger needs a result on Sunday – big time. Otherwise, the defeat against Stoke will haunt him just like Vanessa Perroncel is haunting John Terry.

Chelsea are weak right now. There is no Essien and John Terry’s personal life is not a help. The close shave win against Burnley and the draw with Hull indicate that with the right attitude, tactics, and application, Arsenal can get a win on Sunday.

Man United were buoyed by their Carling Cup defeat of rivals Manchester City. It seems to have kicked started their season. If Arsenal beat Chelsea, it could have the same effect and re-enter them into the Premiership title race.

If Vanessa Perroncel sells her story before Saturday’s game, then she could be the French striker that Wenger was looking for in January – striking another blow to the Chelsea captain’s personal life.

But if Denilson, Clichy and Almunia play like they did against Man United, Arsenal will lose even if Chelsea decide to replace John Terry with Vanessa Perroncel as center-back.

Keep it Arsenal


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