7 Points of Interest

1) Alumina is an ordinary goalkeeper. Not good enough as Arsenal’s first choice. He makes indecisive decisions that creates panic among the back four. They have no confidence in him, which is making them play with the handbrake on. Almunia is going to get worse and is on the verge of making a major mistake in a major game.

2) Clichy has gone backwards. Two years ago, I thought he was better than Patrice Evra and should have been the 1st choice French left-back. His form attracted solid interest from Real Madrid, Inter Milan, and Juventus. Maybe the speculation got to his head, because now he flatters to deceive. Going forward was his forte but not anymore. As for his defending, well if you compare it today to two years ago, well it’s like replacing your wife with an inflatable woman.

3) Denilson is inconsistent. On his day, like when we beat Everton 6-1, he looks world class but recently he looks an ordinary midfield player. Ramsey is a better bet.

4) We could have 95% possession against Chelsea and Manchester United and still lose. Foreplay may give a woman an orgasm but it can’t get a woman pregnant.

5) What about a world class striker? The last time Arsenal had a world class striker was during the 2005/06 season when Thierry Henry was in his prime. We got to the Champions League final that season but barely finished 4th in the Premiership. Since Henry left, we haven’t had a world class striker. Van Persie is a crock. He can only play half a season but he’s the nearest Arsenal have to a world class striker. But then you look at our rivals and who they have: Rooney, Torres, Tevez, and Drogba – all of them world class. So why then didn’t Wenger buy one in January? Especially when all of Arsenal’s best strikers were injured? Tell me, apart from Dzeko, what top quality striker could Wenger buy? Huntelaar wasn’t an option because he has already played for two clubs this season. Carlton Cole was injured and isn’t world class. What about that lanky Ivorian teenager that plays in Romania I heard someone ask? Unproven and Arsenal can’t get him a work visa. Buying a striker – easier said than done.

6) Teams like Chelsea and Manchester United know how to play against Arsenal. Flood the midfield by playing hard working players who close Arsenal down and then hit them on the counter-attack. Arsenal have shown against Everton, Stoke, Manchester United and Chelsea that they can’t defend against counter attacks. We also can’t defend corners and can’t score from corners. The opposite from the 1998 Double winning team.

7) The Wenger Out Brigade now have new members and lots of ammunition. By making Arsenal try to play intricate 5-a-side football, with no forward, with no defensive coaching, no defensive organization, and no muscle is too much for some Gooners. The long-term picture, however, is that Wenger is on the cusp of turning Arsenal into a self-sustaining super club with some of the most exciting players about to make their mark on world football. Arsenal are only three players away from something big.

Keep It Arsenal


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