Schadenfreude is pleasure derived from the misfortune of others. Every football fans best moments – other than his/her own team winning – is when their rivals are losing or having a bad time. When Arsenal are having a bad time, it seems that everyone that isn’t a Gooner starts to experience schadenfreude.

I expect this from fans and certain thick players like Michael Ballack or Steven Gerrard. Ballack said that Arsenal are predictable, Wenger is a bad loser and that his team are not good enough to challenge for the title. Three days later, Chelsea lost 2-1 to Everton who Arsenal annihilated 6-1 on the opening day of the season. Chelsea are only six points ahead of Arsenal with a much tougher run in.

Steven Gerrard called Arsenal a wounded animal after defeats to Manchester United and Chelsea. He insisted that Liverpool have scented the chance to take advantage by overhauling Arsenal and securing third place. He believed that Liverpool would beat Arsenal especially after their Merseyside derby victory on Saturday. Gerrard’s fantasy is akin to a man who fucks three crack heads in an alleyway and then thinks he has a chance with Jennifer Lopez. Beating Everton in a UFC style cage fight and beating Arsenal away are not the same.

What Gerrard has become is a diver. Immediately after Arsenal had scored, Gerrard did a pathetic dive to try and win Liverpool a penalty. He also dived last Saturday to get Tim Cahill sent off. In fact, the man has dived all throughout his career but the English media say nothing because Gerrard is key to England winning the World Cup. Pathetic.

Now Gerrard and his team mates are moaning that they should have got a penalty in injury time due to Cesc’s alleged deliberate handball at Liverpool’s free-kick. This moan diverts attention away from the fact that Liverpool have once again lost and look no closer to making the top four at the end of the season. Besides, Liverpool don’t seem to realize that Dirk Kuyt dived to get the free-kick in the first place.

The biggest tosser of all with regards to schadenfreude is Spurs manager Harry Redknapp. Here is a man who was in court over tax evasion, who claims that Spurs are capable of taking third spot this season – ahead of Arsenal – in light of Arsenal’s recent defeats. What happens next? Arsenal win and Spurs lose to Wolves – again – and fall nine points behind third place.

St Totteringham’s Day can’t come soon enough.

Keep It Arsenal

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