Keep Talking

“We can go on and finish third.”
– Harry Redknapp

That was comment was made before we beat Liverpool and they lost to relegation battling Wolves.

Predictions on where the season will go are oftentimes foolish, because you cannot predict the unpredictable. And the unpredictable is injury.

Had Tottenham had Aaron Lennon, perhaps they would have handled Wolves. But he hasn’t been in their lineup for a while now.

I don’t even want to go into the Robin van Persie discussion, because it’s irrelevant now.

And now we have news that Ashley Cole will be out for three months. Who knows, one swift tackle, and Wayne Rooney could be out for two months.

That’s not something I wish for, but it’s just to say that anything could happen.

The only thing we know is what we have to do, and otherwise it’s just about having a feeling.

I know we have to win at least 10 of our next 12 games in the League without suffering defeat. I have a feeling that this race isn’t quite over.

So, while people like Harry Redknapp talk rubbish, let’s just continue to pile up points and let the two clubs above us try to prove that they can actually be Champions.


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