It’s Mental

It’s mental.

I’m not just referring to the situation of our goalkeepers. All of our problems are mental. We seem to possess players who do not have a big game mentality. They must have all the talent in the world during training, because Wenger speaks so positively of them over and over again.

Andrey Arshavin said he was puzzled by Clichy’s form because he could never beat him during training. I’ve read many reports about how calm and decisive Fabianski is during training matches. If what we’re hearing is correct, what we can assume is that these two players do not possess the mental concentration needed to perform at the very highest level. And playing for Arsenal FC is the very highest level.

At this point in the season, faced with an increasingly mind-boggling injury list, we’re still in contention for the Premier League title and can still progress in the Champions League. Yet, it feels as though everybody has just about given up on our side. They figure we can progress past Porto, but anything further than that is fantasy. And on current form, they may be correct.

Do we possess the concentration needed to put up clean sheet after clean sheet? I’m certain we have the ability; I’m just worried about what our players are thinking out there on the pitch. Wenger suggested as much when we got tactically dismantled by Manchester United at the Emirates.

We’re at the point of the season where determination helps make the final push. Everybody knows about my love for the basketball player Kobe Bryant. After a loss in the NBA Finals in 2009, a reporter suggested that Bryant had hit a wall. He had played in the NBA Finals the year before, the Olympics after that, a full 82 game season, then progressed once again to the NBA Finals. It was reasonable to suggest that he was fatigued. To that, Kobe answered, “As far as me hitting the wall, so what if I did? I didn’t, but so what if I did? It means nothing. Because I’ll run straight through it.”

How many of the Arsenal players have this type of mentality? I can name a handful, but I can’t be certain of the rest.

People have been questioning our players left and right, but I still believe this team can achieve great things. But it won’t be until they wake the fuck up and realize that football is a 90 minute game and it’s played by warriors.

Otherwise, it’ll be just me and Wenger who continues to believe that. Wenger is being criticized for things he cannot control. Myles Palmer must love seeing Arsenal lose, just cause he knows he can get more hits on his website that way. He openly wondered who was on Ivan Gazidis’s short list for replacing Wenger, as if Wenger had anything to do with Fabianski’s two howlers.

The players owe Wenger more than such language from a twat like Myles.

The players need to look at the table and realize that errors are made by mental mistakes. When will this team figure that out?

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