No Regrets

“Whoever plays must give it everything they’ve got in these remaining games, and see where it takes us.” Sol Campbell

I imagine that when a player looks back on his career, the last thing he wants to battle is regret. Times passes quickly. A professional career should be filled with as many memories of success as possible. Sol Campbell knows what it takes to be successful.

He has stated the need for the players to make sacrifices in order to win the league. He has hinted that belief is not enough. It’s going to take more effort than perhaps the team are aware of. Say what you want about him, he’s won things and he’s made sacrifices along the way. I’m hoping that the younger players especially are listening to him.

The Invincibles Era has come and gone. In the same way, this team will have played and moved on before long. The likes of Clichy, Diaby, Nasri, Cesc, and Song will be in their prime in a few years. It is absolutely vital that they win a trophy this season. It could be the stepping stone to many more.

The ultimate shame will be if this lot leave Arsenal without having raised a few pots. Sol is part of the group now. It’s his role to be fit when called upon but more importantly, his part is also to make sure the players understand what is required in order to win.

I heard a great man say once to a group of West Ham fans who were desperate to beat us that “it’s the hope that kills you.” The pain of regret must surely be on a par with despair. I need to know that every Arsenal player understands that he must give his all in every minute of every match. There can be no other approach. Else they risk looking back on an empty period filled with promise and frustration.

It would be criminal if we were to miss out on winning something this season for lack of effort. And how ironic would it be that the inspiration comes from a man who once turned his back on us. Wenger must see more than a convenient, cheap signing in Sol Campbell.

Keep the Faith.


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