Ten Performances

– Ten good performances in ten Premier League matches will win us the Premier League title. While being three points behind Chelsea and two points behind United, they will drop points when they play each other. Our run-in is probably preferable, but no game will be easy. Instead, a handful of them will be against clubs fighting to stay alive. That being said, I’d rather be in our shoes.

– When Owen Coyle departed Burnley, they were always going to suffer. Brian Laws has adapted a more functional approach, but Burnley has not done well under his leadership. Losing a manager that was so influential to their club was nearly a deathblow to Burnley. They still fight hard, but their attempts to play football, while admirable, will probably lead to their demise. This year’s relegation battle is not necessarily about the fight to stay alive, as much as it will be about teams being worse, it’s that ugly.

– Steven Fletcher can score goals for Burnley. Graham Alexander is a key player for Burnley in keeping their defensive stability. The Beast has given big performances when facing us, but can be equally patchy.

– Burnley was well worth their draw against us at Turf Moor. In fact, they were more likely to score than we were in the second half. That being said, Burnley, as well noted, have only gotten one point away from home. You do not win the Premier League by dropping points against Burnley at home.

– We need a rout. We need it to build our goal difference, as that may be a huge factor down the line. We’re due.

– One final note about Shawcross’s tackle. Note where the tackles on Diaby, Eduardo, and Ramsey were. They were all close to the middle of the pitch. All were unnecessary tackles.

– Cesc and Vermaelen showed great passion at the end of the Stoke match. That fire, that desire indicates to me that this team has turned a corner.

– When we look back at this season, the match against Stoke may be remembered as the fixture where we won the Premier League.

– Remember when the English media was suggesting that Michael Owen was the best signing of the summer? Remember when people suggested that Wenger was signing Sol for sentimental reasons? Yeah, look how both worked out. Sol has been immense.

– The Emirates will be rocking tomorrow. The crowd will let Aaron Ramsey how much he’s loved.


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