Bye Bye Mr. Cunt

As cunts go, Phil Brown is up there with the worst of them.

Today, the egocentric, fake tanned mother fucker got fired – and how happy I am. What is sweet about Phil Brown’s dismissal is that it was Arsenal that put the final nail in his coffin. The 2-1 injury time win was Hull’s fourth successive defeat and leaves them deep in relegation trouble. It was the final straw for Hull chairman Adam Pearson who said relegation would cost his club 100 million pounds.

Arsenal is the team Mr. Brown hates the most. It’s the club that he has accused of having “no class” or “grace” due to Arsene Wenger never shaking his hand and because Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas spat at his assistant. Such claims were proved to be untrue.

Teams like Hull City, Stoke City, Blackburn Rovers, Bolton Wanderers, Burnley, Wolves, and Aston Villa are managed by former players who played in England during the 1980’s, where the culture of the long ball was king. All of them are British and all of them adopt a physical approach to beat Arsenal.

Arsenal are picked on because they have a French manager and a mostly non-British first team. Manchester United are not targeted because of the veneer of respect they have for Alex Ferguson – a fellow Brit. Chelsea have a core of English players so they are let off the hook as well. Only Manchester City seem to be the other team targeted by these low level mediocre clubs, whose only ambition is to stay in the Premiership.

The dismissal of Phil Brown is victory for fans who like Arsenal’s style of play. Let’s hope that his replacement isn’t another Sam Cuntadyce or a Boring O’Neill.

The other good news is that David Beckham is injured and will miss the World Cup. The thought of having the media run stories for the next three months on whether Beckham will make an impact in South Africa is enough to make me watch C-SPAN. Beckham is old. His best days are gone. He has no pace or engine. He’s just a poster boy with a wife that seems addicted to shopping and starving herself. The man is a show pony. Shame that his show is not going to continue into June.

Beckham’s injury and the absence of Aaron Lennon is obviously a boost to Theo Walcott who must be more confident of making the England World Cup squad.

Theo should raise the bar higher. He should be aiming to make the England team. I mean, look at his competition: Shaun Wright-Phillips, Stuart Downing, Adam Johnson and James Milner. Hardly world beaters.

I think Beckham’s injury will spur Theo on and this can only be good for Arsenal as we face the start of the run-in.

Keep It Arsenal


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