No Sense

– What was George Boateng thinking? Once a decent squad player for Middlesbrough, he’s now the captain of a team that will most probably be relegated. All that being said, when the ref handed out yellow cards to both Boateng and Bendtner for their heated exchange, one Arsenal “fan” at the pub said, “He deserves a card for being a cunt.” He was referring to Bendtner. Some things don’t change.

– All of England (and admittedly most of the world) believes that Inter is going to be rolled over today by Chelsea. There’s some evidence to suggest that may be possible. But consider this. Mourinho is returning to a ground where he’s enjoyed great success. He nullified Drogba in the first leg with an expert game plan. Lucio is one of the best defenders in the world. Inter has not lost two games in a row under Mourinho (they lost last Friday in a pathetic performance against Catania); he can deliver a team talk as well as anybody can. Everybody may be right, perhaps Chelsea will romp, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they may not.

– Meanwhile, in the English media, nearly all the pundits suggested that Beckham’s loss was no big deal for England. While that may or may not be true, there’s no doubt that Capello wanted him in the squad, even so far as to ask Beckham to be a virtual mascot for the squad regardless of his injury. I’m no fan of Beckham, but perhaps there’s a reason why Capello picked him consistently. Do you remember how England played after Beckham retired after the last World Cup? Like shit.

– The mounting injuries suggest that this England team may be cursed. Everything seemed to be going smoothly. Capello was praised by everybody. Then, the bottom fell out. Scandal after scandal, injury after injury. The first thing I read about Beckham’s injury was this: “At least it wasn’t Wayne Rooney.” Just wait for it.

– There are rumors that Liverpool are considering sacking Rafa Benitez and hiring Alex McLeish or Martin O’Neill. I would love to see that. I would love to see McLeish or O’Neill run Liverpool into the ground and turn them into an even more boring side. There is an elite manager out there who doesn’t manage in Spain, Italy, or England. His name is Laurent Blanc.

– Not having an FA Cup match and having our Champions League game early has allowed us to get a crucial week of rest this week. Cesc will probably return for the next fixture, and he’ll be primed to go. We’re well positioned to finish strongly.

– I do not fear anybody in Friday’s Champions League draw.


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