Don’t Piss Yourself…

Many Gooners will be wanking over the Champions League 1/4 final draw. No doubt it’s big but my attention is on West Ham.

Non-Arsenal fans have pissed themselves laughing at the thought of Arsenal winning the Premiership. The idea of Arsenal being champions was a joke after they had lost to Manchester United at home and Chelsea away. But life is weird. There’s always spontaneous friends who show up and shake your world upside down. Ex-girlfriends who try to rekindle that flame. But Arsenal is different. After all, we have Alex Song, Cesc Fabregas, and Rosicky back. No old flames or friends just pure muscle that will annihilate relegation threatened West Ham.

Relegation: that’s seems to be the theme. Sunderland, Stoke, Burnley, Hull, and now West Ham. Teams desperate for a points against a team challenging for the title.

Who will the media take more seriously? A shell-shocked Chelsea face relegation threatened Blackburn. While, Manchester United host a rejuvenated Liverpool.

Points will dropped.

Let’s hope it’s not Arsenal.

Keep It Arsenal


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