Time to Concentrate on Wednesday

The last minute equalizer by Birmingham was like watching the woman of your world being shagged by a dog and realizing that she’s enjoying it. Heartbreaking!

It’s hard to shake off a result like this, especially when Nasri and Arshavin should have killed the game off by the time Birmingham had scored. But then the calamity of errors that resulted in Birmingham’s equalizer was a lot worse.

It’s injury time and the Birmingham keeper punts the ball from inside his penalty area to the edge of Arsenal’s. Diaby – who had another great game – poorly positions himself and fails to head the ball away. The ball then bounces and causes panic resulting in pinball style football. Sagna is left marking three players. The other defenders are ball watching and no one picks up Phillips who is harassing Arsenal like a dog chasing a cat. The end product of this moment of nervousness is Sagna blasting the ball at Phillips face and the ball looping into the goal. It was a fluke goal and route one football at its purest.

However, the goal should have been ruled out for offside. Christian Benitez was a yard offside when the ball hit Phillips in the face. But the assistant referee must have deemed Benitez not to be interfering with play or that his position was not gaining an advantage. It was officiating at its worst. A joke decision that has caused millions of people around the world serious depression.

Then we have Manuel Almunia.

Let’s start with positives regarding this man.

His penalty save against West Ham last week was a huge factor in Arsenal winning that game. No doubt, Almunia is very good at saving penalties, but he’s also very poor at punching and commanding his penalty box.

Lesbians have more presence in a box than Almunia.

At the end of the first half Almunia came to punch a high ball, but the lightweight didn’t punch, instead he fucking jabbed. The ball landed 10 meters out at the feet of a Birmingham player who skied it. He got away with it this time but on Wednesday if he does another “jab” then Henry or Messi will be waiting to punish him.

There’s nothing we can do about our goalkeeping problem. The back-ups are also prone to errors and the transfer window is closed. Right now Arsenal fans are like the poor citizen who can’t afford a lawyer so has to make do with the overworked and sub-par state provided attorney. Facing life in prison, fighting for the title, or facing the World Champions on Wednesday, Almunia will have to do and we will have to pray.

So let’s get positive.

We like football because its unpredictable. Leeds knocked out Man United in the FA Cup. A French team will be in the Champions League semi-finals and Portsmouth are in the FA Cup semi-finals. It’s a strange season.

Man United face Chelsea on Saturday. Hopefully, Chelsea will win. They will drop points after they play at Old Twatford. Man United look less likely. Chelsea have a week off. Man United face Bayern Munich in Germany. They have been lucky this season. I hope it runs out. The law of averages says it will.

When Arsenal won the title in 1989, they won it with a keeper similar to Almunia – John Lukic. During the run-in that season Arsenal played away to Man United. Tony Adams put Arsenal 1-0 ahead with a diving header. The win was on the cards until late on in the game a Man United cross hit Adams on the head and looped into the Arsenal goal just like it did at St Andrews on Saturday. The own goal by Adams earned him the nickname “Donkey” by The Mirror and was cruelly chanted by opposition fans.

Now opposition fans chant “There’s Only One Ryan Shawcross or Martin Taylor” eulogizing players who’ve broken the legs of Arsenal players.

Winning a trophy this season would cause serious depression to these mindless inbreds in the same way that Obama winning the Presidential election has caused massive despair on cunts like Rush Limbaugh.

Keep it Arsenal


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