a sudden upsetting or surprising event or experience
a feeling of disturbed surprise resulting from such an event

I’ve gone on record stating my admiration for the footballer Wayne Rooney – I can’t stand the sight of him in United colors but the boy can play. Lionel Messi is beyond amazing though. I won’t bother describing his performance. His imprint on football is plain to see. Scary that he’s only 22.

I thought I could make a good argument as to why I favored Rooney but clearly Messi is like no other player I’ve seen since Zinedine Zidane. We had no chance as long as he was on the pitch. I can say Diaby and Rosicky were shyt until my mouth hurts but it really was never about Diaby or Rosicky.

I can tell you that Denilson was as effective as Theo was, which was not effective at all even for all the running they did. Saying it though wouldn’t mean a thing. Messi ruled the day. That’s all that really mattered.

There was a time when Thierry Henry was other worldly. He has embarrassed a few teams while wearing our uniform. Just how he felt watching Messi perform against us on that super human level is something I would love to know.

What now?

We certainly don’t have time to feel sorry for ourselves. Wipe the blood on Scum next Wednesday and chase down Chelsea. That’s the agenda for the rest of this season.

Will we hear the Arsene must go chorus if we fail to catch Chelsea? I would bet that we will. Human nature demands it.

The Negatives are warming up the band. I’m sure of it. They don’t want to hear about injuries. We should be deep enough to cope. We should stop being so frugal and pay top level players to fill our bench or play in the reserves while even higher level players comprise our first team. That’s how they see it.

It’s an argument we’ve heard before. What do you tell those people? I gave up arguing with them a long time ago. They are not important right now but I had to bring them up because they are just waiting in the background for us to finish empty handed so they can have another go at Arsene.

I’m more worried about finishing strong and lifting the EPL title.

Keep the Faith


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