Game Over, Season Over

– Epic capitulation. Complete regression. I said we needed a miracle in the league, and instead we had a miracle enacted on us.

– The season is finished, except for the fact that we have to fight now to hold onto third. That is actually important, because we don’t want two extra games, especially during a World Cup summer where players will come back without as much rest.

– Both our first two goalkeepers must be shipped out. Unlike Almunia, Fabianski did come with a pedigree. Perhaps there was an eye for a bargain in mind, but he had performed in the Polish league and is a capped international. According to most reports, he’s lights out in training too. Now, for his second consecutive birthday, he’s made horrendous errors which have proven that he’s not good enough for this club. End of. I’m not going to go into it anymore, but performing in training is way different from being a consistent world class keeper. Consistency is the key, and he has none of it. We have no idea what he does in training, but we know Wenger has stuck up for his goalkeepers before. He stated that he thought Almunia was the best in the Premier League last year, and earlier this year he backed Fabianski. They have both, not intentionally of course, let him down in a major way. We must now buy an experienced keeper like Frey or a buzzed keeper like Lloris, then make Wojciech Szczesny the backup.

– There have been many moments where I felt we made a breakthrough. Today just confirmed that this team doesn’t learn it’s lessons. We have a long way to go if we want to emulate Barcelona. They are composed on the ball all of the time. When we have a hint of trouble after coasting, we crash. We’ve dropped many points from winning positions, but this team always seems more dangerous when chasing after a game rather than leading it. We rarely score the third goal to kill off games anymore. We neither defend well nor attack well when a team fights back against us. It’s distressing in the extreme.

– You can give the team credit for fighting back and working until the last minute of the match. But look at the teams we’ve summoned those resources for, and look at where they are in the table. That’s practically all that needs to be said. We should have comfortably beat Birmingham, Stoke, and Wolves. We made a meal of it, and the false dawn has proven to be true.

– We want Chelsea to win the Premier League, as much as that hurts to say. Manchester United cannot win a fourth league on the trot and pass Liverpool in the overall Championships. That would be the worst way to end this season.

– Before anybody says it, I still don’t consider this season to be a failure. I see progress, but there comes a point when we need to take the final step. There have been hints of it during the year, but what are we left with now? Third place and Aaron Ramsey’s broken leg. We’ve had many injuries this year.

– We need to redress the balance in the team. We need to become a more solid defensive team. All the individual pieces are there, but we don’t play like one unit on defense. That’ll change when we get a good goalkeeper between the sticks. If that doesn’t happen, this exhilarating team will always just be a frustrating one. Next year will be the year where Wenger decides whether he wants to give it another go or not. It’s reached that point. We’re not there yet, but we will be in one year’s time. We must improve.


  1. Just a thought about an English goalkeeper, Joe Hart. He is young and has heart. I know this could be debated vigorously but a though never the less.

    • I rate him, but I find it hard to see Manchester City selling him to us for a reasonable fee. Perhaps if there’s any truth to them snagging Buffon…

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