First order of business is to thank my colleagues for holding it down while I’ve been away – first for work and then on holiday. Scheduling can be a pain. Life is like that sometimes.

I have not seen either the Spurs or the Wigan match. I’ve seen “highlights”. My eyes still hurt.

The anticlimactic end to our season has left all Gooners in a state of shock. Some of us don’t know if we are coming or going. Some will say that they predicted this but I am sure that even they felt we had a shot, even after Birmingham.

Others, like me, are not going to curse at the neighbor’s dog or break glasses, yet. Frankly, it’s best that I wait before I speak. There is so much to say and so many points to cover that it is best to let everyone have their moment before I join the fray.

I have plenty to say on what has happened plus I have some thoughts to share on the state of things and which direction I feel we should go. I will revisit my preseason requirements for each player and pass along my opinions/judgement – I still feel the foundation is there and that it is strong. I will run down what I feel we need to add but not now though. I’ll do that when I have regained a sense of composure and once the thick, filthy dust thats still lingers after losing (to Scum especially) has cleared.

What I will say is fuck Spurs!


And PLEASE Chelsea, don’t let the Mancs win another title – not because I have any affection at all for you Chelsea but because I’d rather you than United. It’s that simple, really. It will be less painful to see Lampard and Terry lift the title than to see Neville, Ferdinand, and that shitbag Fletcher lift it.

Taggart can go to hell.

Am I a sore loser. No! I am an angry sore loser. Put that in your pipe.

I’ll also state that all the cunts who want to have a go better do it now because we will be back and we will have the last word. Arsene Wenger does not quit. Arsenal don’t quit. It’s not the way we do things.

We must keep the faith. Arsenal!

Deep, deep breath.


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