No Longer Arsenal

– It’s not worth revisiting the past when it comes to Emmanuel Adebayor. I was furious at the time, but the hate has now dissipated. To me, he doesn’t exist. No need to expend any sort of time or effort on the man. I do have sympathy for the traumatic events he went through at the African Cup of Nations, but that’s as far as it goes. I’d rather Arsenal fans support our team than boo this man.

– Kolo Toure said he didn’t want to name the player he had problems with while at Arsenal because he didn’t want to cause trouble. Today, he named that player, and nobody was surprised. Why he needs to go on and on about it, I don’t really know. Maybe it’s because he loved his time here and now he’s at City. Maybe it’s because he’s going to be under threat for his starting role when City buy better defenders. Maybe it’s because he’s no longer relevant in the football world. We tend to forgive Kolo, because he gave it his all while playing for Arsenal. But let’s be honest. Wenger dispatched Adebayor and Kolo and retained Gallas and Bendtner. You don’t hear current Arsenal players saying bad words about Gallas and Bendtner now, do you? Ade and Kolo were cancers, and the fact that we got 40 million pounds for them is an added bonus.

– Simply put, all the drama aside, I just want to win the match. I want Robin to score a hat trick. Our team owes us a performance. The capitulation against Wigan was pathetic. It was beyond pathetic, it was shocking. It was a result that brought Wenger’s experiment under the microscope in a big way. I’ve considered it as well, but I’m going to wait until the summer before passing judgment.

– That being said, it’s clear that if Fabianski didn’t commit another disastrous error, we would have won. Do you blame Wenger for fielding a player like him? That’s somewhat fair, but at the same time, how could Wenger have anticipated the amount of goalkeeping gaffes this year? Most will say that they could have foreseen it, but Wenger has to know that he has a big problem. With Almunia out, we can only pray that Fabianski doesn’t give away the game. Again.

– Finally, Patrick Vieira returns against to Arsenal. Paddy is one of the best midfielders of all time. He is no longer in his prime, but let’s remember how majestic he was. If that Patrick Vieira was in our side, we would have won the Premier League this year.


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