No Mas

– The Blackburn match was supposed to be televised on ESPN2. Instead, the match ended up not being televised in the US. Somebody at the pub had a laptop, so we used it to stream the match. Fifteen men huddled around a 15 inch computer monitor whose wallpaper was of the owner’s Hebrew tattoos. The stream was solid, but I couldn’t see much of what was going on. I knew when we scored, I knew when we conceded, and I knew when we lost. And that was that. Usually, I’ll try to watch the match in full later in cases like this, so I can get a full impression of the game. But this time around, I chose not to. Can this season please end?

– What more is there to say? Fabianski was fouled by Jason Roberts, who bragged about Blackburn’s tactics to The Sun today, on the first goal, but our defense was completely all over the place. Our players don’t know when to track players; they only know how to follow the ball. And for the second goal, all I can hope is that Wenger sees that we have to buy a goalkeeper. That unfortunately isn’t the public face of Wenger though, but let’s hope he’s playing poker.

– Fabianski being a lights out goalkeeper in training tells me something else about our team. It means that nobody is giving him a hard time in training. Nobody is challenging him. Nobody is putting their body in the way in the manner these grafting teams will do. We don’t want to emulate these teams, but we have to prepare for them. What Blackburn did yesterday was no surprise.

– Vela did nothing. Walcott did close to nothing. It’s bad that we have a ton of injuries; it’s worse when most of our players who fight back are amongst those injuries. But where is the fight in Samir Nasri that he showed earlier in the season? What happened to these guys?

– As for the picture on the top of this post, you might as well enjoy something right now. Because in terms of Arsenal, it’s terrible. Even the almighty ladies lost to Everton yesterday. And now, we get to watch Sp*rs attempt to join us in the Champions League. Lovely. Wake me up when the transfer window opens.


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