The Finish Line

– We’re finally at the finish line. Even though the team has surpassed most expectations, there is a twinge of disappointment in the air. We cannot feel warm about the past few weeks, but let’s not wipe away all of the earlier moments from this year.

– When I wrote that the draw against Barcelona at the Emirates might be the high point of the year, I was right. In the second half of that match, Cesc stood up and played for our shirt. That is something to treasure forever. He deserves a warm round of applause tomorrow when he will presumably take a lap of honor with the first team after the match.

– Suggestions that there should be a mass walkout at the 80 minute mark should be ridiculed on the spot. Nobody deserves that kind of treatment, not even our goalkeepers. Imagine if such a stupid thing did occur, do you think Cesc would want to stay? Would any players want to come to play for a club with such bitter and deluded fans?

– Whether or not Gallas appears tomorrow, it seems as though the next week will tell us whether or not he’ll stay with us. I maintain that it would be easier to give into his contract demands than find a player of his ilk, but his mind is his mind. If he leaves, that’s another player we would definitely have to replace.

– Mikael Silvestre brief stint looks to be at a close. I was baffled when I heard we had signed him, because it came out of the blue. Regardless of his spotty play on the pitch, he has probably provided wise words for some of our younger players.

– I could say many things right now, but I just want to watch the game tomorrow before I delve into the problems of our team.

– We need a point against Fulham tomorrow, and with that, we would finally celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day. It has taken far too long.


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