Post Season View – Arsenal F.C. 2009-10 Pt. 2

Some have asked if Arsene Wenger is a miracle worker or just a stubborn fool. Considering his ability to reap financial rewards from top four finishes and to manage CL qualification year after year, he might be the former because he spends so little in the transfer market. Considering his general unwillingness to invest in proven players – in a proper goalkeeper in particular – he might be guilty of the latter. It depends on your perspective.

Regardless of your (or my) opinion of Arsene, it’s quite clear that we have players at Arsenal who have not cut it. As my colleague has pointed out, transfers will be greatly affected by the UEFA squad requirements that go into effect next term. Nonetheless, if we are to finally win something, a frank and candid statement must be made about current personnel.

Last summer, I detailed what I wanted from certain players this past season. I felt that those particular players owed us. Below are those requirements. Let’s see who has met them. Let’s see who has paid their debt.

Summer 2009: Cesc – Be the player you’ve shown you can be.
2009-10 season: Jackpot! Enter the new Mr. Arsenal.

Gael Clichy – Stop the mental lapses.
It wasn’t until the final few matches of the season that our LB began to show signs of the player we once knew.

Johan Djourou – Make Kolo, Gallas, and Vermaelen fight it out.
You weren’t even ready. The swelling in your knee was far more serious than first thought.

Vassiriki Abou Diaby – Dominate the center of the park.
Improved but still prone to frustrating performances, leaving questions about his true ability.

Theo Walcott – Justify the fee please. Decision making must improve.
I’m still waiting. I am not convinced that we’ve invested wisely in this kid. Christopher Eagles outplayed Theo at Turf Moor. WTF!

Nicklas Bendtner – Finish your chances. Make me forget about Luis Fabiano.
Not as prolific as I would like but certainly did his share when he was fit.

Bacary Sagna – Be the best RB in the EPL again.
Not back to the standards of his first season but certainly better than his second.

Denilson – Add more goals and assists to your nice stats.
The stats weren’t going to save him this season. He has regressed, despite a few shining moments and some fine long range goals.

The first choice keeper – Be unbeatable.

Robin van Persie – World Player of the Year.
Injured again. Robin has not played an injury free season as a first choice player at Arsenal.

The expectations were high in many cases but we must strive for excellence if we are to win trophies. I have lost faith in some players. Others still have not done enough. I need to see Alex Song-type leaps and improvement next season from the team as a whole.

The Invincibles are watching. Make them proud. Make Arsene proud.

Keep the Faith


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