The England squad is announced tomorrow – who gives a fuck. I have more interest in Lindsay Lohan’s social life.

Mourinho has been unveiled as Real Madrid boss. So now Real Madrid have a Galatico coach. What we are witnessing here is the rule of Conservative coaching in the football world. Brazil have Dunga who is the George Bush of Brazilian coaches. He has picked more defensive midfielders than any other Brazilian World Cup squad. We have Fabio Capello who was fired by Real Madrid – even after winning La Liga – for being too defensive minded. England under Capello will win games 1-0 from corners and having 33% possession. Rafa Benitez is wanted by Inter Milan even though his teams have never played with flair. Giovanni Trapattoni has made Ireland tactically better, but as a consequence boring to watch. Then we have Mourinho at Madrid – a man who delivers trophies but whose teams play with the style of Walmart and the swagger of ESPN. Efficiency will rule unless men like Wenger and Pep Guardiola gain control.

Tanzania is paying $2.5 million to play Brazil in a friendly. The cheapest ticket is $25 for a country where the average worker earns less than $1 a day. The Brazilian football federation should hang their head in shame. Cunts.

Glazers refusing to sell and Red Knights drop “Man United bid.” I really don’t care about Man United. For all I care, if they end up in the same situation as Crystal Palace – liquidation/extinction – I really wouldn’t give a toss. They bought success and became more successful. Their owners then got greedy and sold out to make a fortune. The new owners looked at Man United as a cash cow and borrowed money to buy they club – knowing that mugs like Red Knights will buy a club heavily in debt in order to save it. The Glazers want to make money out of Man United. I hope that Stan Kroenke intentions with regard to Arsenal are different.

UEFA President Michel Platini has passed rules which will mean that football clubs – such as Portsmouth – will have to operate within their means. Clubs will only be able to spend what they generate. Big cash injections from sugar daddy cunts like the pimp owners of Chelsea and Manchester City will be restricted by UEFA’s Fair Play Plan. The system will come into full force in 2014 after being phased in. Clubs are required to restructure themselves over the next three seasons so they are financially solvent.

Clubs owning money to their rival clubs, players and staff or the tax authorities at the end of season will be punished. 50% of football clubs in Europe are making losses, while 20% are in financial peril.

There is a downside:

Money invested in stadiums and youth development will not be included in the number crunching. Big transfer fees can still be paid but clubs will need to generate sufficient funds through ticket sales, TV money and commercial revenue.

Joe Cole:
If he signs for us great. He is very skillful. He is from Islington/Camden. He has experience. Does his arrival mean the end for Arshavin or Walcott? We need a goalkeeper. Let’s stay focused on that position first.

Keep It Arsenal

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