Post Match View – South Africa v. Mexico FIFA World Cup 2010

Kaizer Chiefs winger Siphiwe Tshabalala has added his name to the record books in grand style. His – the first goal in the first FIFA World Cup Finals on African soil – was as spectacular as the event itself. Mexico would equalize in the second half through a miskick by one of my least favorite players, Rafael Marquez.

If that guy can score in a goal in the FIFA World Cup, anything is possible.

I haven’t been my usual self regarding the tournament. I live for this competition. Next to Arsenal, watching the World Cup is as good as it usually gets.

The plight of the poor people who’ve suffered from the demands of FIFA and the influence of the corporate sector to make South Africa presentable during the month-long tournament should not be overlooked. Yes, that’s the way of the world but it is still unacceptable. My ability to separate sport from politics has never been challenged the way it is today.

I don’t mean to ruin the experience, but it is important to know what happens behind the scenes when billions of dollars are spent yet people continue to go to sleep hungry.

The match was fairly entertaining, even if Giovani Dos Santos reminded Spurs that he really is a decent player after all. To be fair, South Africa should have been blown away in the first half. If the Mexicans weren’t so wasteful, it easily could have been 4-0 at the break.

Tshabalala’s goal came from a swift South African counter-attack. The finish was top draw. If there are better goals than that in the next month then reserve your tournament review DVD today. Our very own Carlos Vela did put the ball in the back of the net. It was called offsides however. The referee’s assistant got it right. In fact, the game was well officiated. Mr. Irmatov and his colleagues did little to suggest they weren’t up to the task.

So, France face Uruguay in a little while. As my colleague has pointed out, we are rather partial to Les Bleus at 1886 – not because of the Arsene Wenger/French players connection, it goes back farther than that. It also must be said that as one, we would rather see Raymond Domenech go home.

On a different note, I’ve heard many references to Thierry Henry’s handball even before coverage of the match has begun. I remind people of what Roy Keane said, ‘Why did the Irish defence allow the ball to drop in the penalty area?’ That was the most apt response in my opinion.

No, Henry should not have handled the ball. Let’s not act like he killed someone though. Besides, these things balance themselves out in the long run.

Congratulations to South Africa, but I imagine they will regret hitting the post in the 90th minute and missing out on all three points.

Last but certainly not least, R.I.P. Zenani Mandela.

Chat later.


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  1. Hasil Nya Seri 1 – 1…

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