Special Guest Post

Because of Rooney’s miss and England’s inability to muster a second goal today, they will play Germany followed by (if they beat Germany) either Argentina or Mexico. On the other hand, the US will play Ghana followed by (if they win) Uruguay or South Korea.

Given the history of success of Argentina and Germany in this competition, versus Uruguay (so they were good in the 30’s, so what?) South Korea and Ghana, it goes to show how important it is to win your group. England failed miserably to capitalize on this golden opportunity to have a very doable route to the semis. Plus they’re playing in a cool climate etc. so have been gifted every possible advantage there is to have a successful tournament.

You don’t get much more of an “easier” path to the semis than what could have been for England this summer. But as usual, this so-called “golden generation” (which I think refers to the thieved gold in their pockets rather than being a comment on ability) waltzed into South Africa thinking they’re so special and were shown to be an over-hyped bunch of losers. Typical.

Having said that, if they can beat ze Germans and then exorcise the ghost of ’86 and drive that fat little druggie into a late grave, then and only then they would deserve to win it all.

That’s my two cents.


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