And Then There Were Four

Uruguay – The only person who told me that Uruguay were going far in this tournament is a United fan I know, living in Mumbai. I dismissed the thought in a way but because of football’s ever unpredictable nature, I also knew that they have Diego Forlan and he could make a difference. After his sad spell at United, Forlan has become one of Europe’s more prolific goal scorers. His strike partner Luis Suarez is also a very capable finisher. Ironically, it’s his “defending” that has helped Uruguay reach the last four.

Holland – I’ve watched the 1978 FIFA World Cup Final many times. The Dutch players in that losing team were quite a cast. How they lost is still hard to understand. How Brazil lost to Robin & Co. this time around is baffling, even if not on the level of the 1978 Argentina vs. Holland result.

All I’ll say is Arsene, PLEASE forget about that Felipe Melo character. A great man called him a dumb thug. I’ve never met Melo but in this case, guilty until proven otherwise. Disgraceful!

The much anticipated Germany vs. Holland final is very possible, maybe even likely. Wesley Sneijder is on fire. Arjen Robben is fit. Robin van Persie is fit. Mark van Bommel is a cunt.

Germany – My colleague pointed out that this current version is one of the most likable German teams that he has seen. No argument here. They are the business, no doubt about it. And what’s scary is they will be around for a while. They’ve been the form team and look a difficult nut to crack. If you don’t like their chances to win it all, you are smoking crack.

Spain – This has been a strange tournament for Spain. Yet like other teams that have had slow starts in past tournaments and have gone on to lift the trophy, they can still win it all. I thought after they lost to Switzerland that they would still be difficult to knock out. They are too deep and too talented to take lightly. Spain vs. Germany should be a cracker.

I watched the Paraguay Spain 1/4 final at a Liverpool supporter’s bar with a high ranking member of the Bermie Army. The asscrack in the Spain shirt, Cornell baseball capped turned backwards, and vuvuzela slung over his back like a bow was the only negative in an enjoyable match watching experience. I’m not sure if that noise making annoyance knows how many people wanted to crack his head and then shove that thing down his throat. I don’t mind the horn (in the stadia) but you need to blow it inside a small space, dude? Really??? Needless to say, Captain Dante was not impressed.

If Africa were to unite on social, political, and economic levels the way the continent supported Ghana on its run to the last eight, such would be the potential for empowering the people of that most pillaged and under-achieving region of the world that we might see certain parties preempt the progress with another round of rumors about WMD’s. Football’s most precious quality is how it unites people. This tournament has provided dramatic moment after dramatic moment. It has shown the potential in what can be achieved if people unite. That has been as dramatic a result as any other.

On a lighter note, The Informer has released a bit of news that has Denilson being a Barcelona target. It seems that if Mascherano cannot be gotten from Liverpool, the Catalunian side will go after our Neves. Uuugh, ok!

Chat later!


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