Actual Outrage/British Outrage

– The yellow card rule in the World Cup is a joke. We will be deprived of watching Thomas Muller take on the Spanish after he received a yellow card for an innocuous handball. With the lack of consistency between refs, to be banned after two yellow cards in five matches is absolutely ridiculous. FIFA have decided to cancel out all yellows after the quarterfinal in order to protect star players from missing the final. They’re not doing enough.

– The outrage over Luis Suarez’s goal is outrageous. Yes, he handled. Yes, he celebrated with his teammates. No, he is not the devil. No, he did not cheat Ghana out of the World Cup. Ghana was awarded a soft free kick, two Ghana players were offside when the cross came into the box, and Gyan missed a penalty kick. So had Uruguay lost to the headed ball, they could have justifiably claimed that they were knocked out due to a refereeing error. It’s the same complaint you’ll hear from Arsenal about the Champions League Final against Barcelona. All Arsenal players will tell you that Eto’o was offside. So what? It doesn’t change anything. As for this case, Suarez did what he had to do for his country and his teammates. It would be nice if the World Cup was purely an exhibition of stylish football, great sportsmanship, and unity. But above all, it is a competition. Kids shouldn’t be concerned with being ruthless warriors fighting for results. Professional athletes should be. Gyan missed a penalty, so the lack of an offside call didn’t hurt Uruguay. I have a phrase I like to use, “Ball Don’t Lie.” If only that was true 100% of the time.

– It seems awfully condescending that the British media would jump all over the handball incident. They did the same thing with Ireland and Thierry Henry. Why the fuck should they care? Aww… poor Ireland. Aww… poor Ghana. It’s football. Being sanctimonious about such meaningless stuff puts you in a position where you’ll end up having a shit pie thrown in your face, and you just might not like the taste of it.

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