On van Bommel

I have no problem with the Dutch getting to the final. I won’t have a problem with them winning the final. They are overdue. All past failures are now out the window.

What I have a problem with is cheering for a man like Mark van Bommel. He is truly a cunt. His type are the reason FIFA instituted a series of laws that help protect positive, offensive football. No fouls from behind. No “professional fouls”. No repeated, systematic, tactical obstruction of free flowing play, etc.

Poor refeering has undermined the ruling body’s efforts in many ways but more than anything else, I can point to cynical, gutless cunts like van Bommel as petty criminals on the pitch. Cynical because he will foul first and then attempt to play football. Gutless because he doesn’t trust his abilities as a footballer and chooses to play outside or on the edge of the rules.

OK! Everybody cheats. Most people (forget athletes competing for large sums) push the rules as far as they can go. What this Dutch holding midfielder does is absolutely disgraceful. That he has gotten away with it all tournament long is pathetic.

Laurent Blanc was a classy center back – a cool, skillful, tactically and technically sound player. He was forced to watch France defeat Brazil in the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final from the stands because a cunt named Slaven Bilic conned the ref into believing that Blanc had assaulted him. Blanc was red-carded and missed the final. Gutted is an extreme understatement. To think that van Bommel has not been red-carded for what he’s gotten away with is appalling.

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