They Said…

In anticipation of tomorrow’s final, I went searching for some quotes I might have missed during the tournament. I’ve found a several worthy of reprinting. Some are somber and reflective. Some are cutting and direct. Others are seemingly uneventful but did catch my eye regardless.

“But it was a shame for Africa when Ghana did not make the Semi-Finals. It would have been a firework for Africa.” Arsene Wenger

“With all respect to the players in Argentina, there is no comparison between the two. At Barcelona, he [Messi] has players of his level.” Dani Alves

“If you don’t understand the line-up then maybe you should change trade and give up being journalists.” Marcello Lippi

“Rooney insulted me. He said, ‘fuck you’. He must learn to control his temper.” Referee Jeff Selogilwe

“I am Dutch but I support the football that Spain is playing.” Johann Cruyff

“I prefer a calm coach on the bench like van Marwijk, rather than an idiot like Maradona or Dunga.” Wesley Sneijder

“Rafik Saifi slapped the face of journalist Asma Hamili. She hit him back as a reflex. He then threw a bottle of sports drink which missed and had to be restrained from attacking her again.” BBC’s Richard Connelly on what happened in the mixed zone after Algeria’s last minute defeat to the U.S.

“I cannot imagine an international player [Yakubu] missing a goal that was almost two to three meters to a goal post and he was laughing or smiling. There was no sign of regret.” Nigerian Minister of Sport Ibrahim Bio

It will be an honour to do the first 1886 Post Match View of a FIFA World Cup Final tomorrow. Cesc is dying to play. I get that but COME ON ROBIN, even if it means that van Bommel gets to raise the trophy.

Chat later!


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