What Dreams Are Made Of

– Don’t let anybody fool you. No matter what people say about the Champions League, the one trophy everybody covets the most is the World Cup. For that reason, enjoy the match.

– The previews have come fast and thick from everywhere, so there’s no need to cover it that much.

– The Spanish style has Dutch origins. Barcelona would not be Barcelona without Rinus Michels, one of the three best managers of all time. And Spain would not be the same without him.

– I would dispatch van Bommel to give Xavi a rough time. You can hate him, but van Bommel could care less. He’s there to harass and give players a hard time. Dirk Kuyt is not a player I particularly rate, but he brings balance to this Dutch side. On closer inspection, the Dutch have a better balance than the Spanish side.

– The Spanish defense has been solid because they have two holding players in Xabi Alonso and Busquets. Their actual central defenders don’t actually impress me. I feel as though they’re due a mistake; I hope that happens.

– From an Arsenal perspective, does this World Cup make Cesc want to leave more or less? I can’t be sure to be honest. All I know is that I’m sick and tired of hearing all the Barcelona players talk about Cesc wanting to leave. It almost makes me wish we sold him sooner rather than later. I leave it in the hands of Wenger, but I don’t doubt that Cesc wants to leave now. He just doesn’t want to leave without class (unlike LeBronze James).

– Robin van Persie hasn’t clicked in this World Cup. He didn’t click during the first games of the last season for Arsenal either. Then, all of a sudden, he started banging them in. This match may come down to whether Villa or van Persie takes their chance.

– Either way, a new addition to history will be made. Spain or Holland. Check back tomorrow to read how it all unfolded.

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