Henry is a New Yorker

French Lovin Cunt laughed when I told him that I bought a New York Red Bull top from Marshalls for $20. That was two years ago. He laughed when I told him that Arsenal are signing Joe Cole.

You get the picture.

I’m not a fan of the MLS but it’s slowly progressing. The Beckham signing was all show – and a piss poor one at that. Beckham has spent more time playing on loan for AC Milan or being injured than he has for the Galaxy.

It serves the Galaxy right for trying to be spoken in the same breath as Barcelona or Real Madrid by signing a fading 34 year old has been. The Beckham signing gave the Galaxy a fake status but was just a marketing stunt – nothing else.

If Beckham and his anorexic wife are all about the jet setting lifestyle – Hollywood, modelling, hanging out with Tom Cruise – Henry is more down to earth. He’s more New York.

Footballing wise, LA Galaxy and the New York Red Bulls are shit and so is the MLS.

Could this all change with the Red Bulls signing Arsenal legend Henry? No, but it will raise the profile of the Red Bulls and the MLS.

Henry is only 32. He still has a season or two of magic in him, but one player can’t make a team. I think that the lack of quality in the MLS will frustrate Henry but his time spent in New York will make up for that.

If you live in New York, you have a great opportunity to meet Henry in person. The Scum play the Red Bulls on July 22nd. It will be interesting to see how many Scum fans turn up to see Harry Twitch-face and his Champions League pretenders and how many Gooners will attend to support Henry.

The game could be more interesting in the stands. If you go to the game and meet a Scum fan just remember that cunt Danny Rose and how miserable you were when co-commentator and ex-Scum striker Paul Walsh starting masturbating over Spurs. Think of David Bentley and his horrible smug face. Remind yourself of that 4-4 draw at the Emirates when Arsenal were leading 4-2 with two minutes left.

Then punch the Scum fan as hard as you can in the head.

You are a Gooner. Do your duty!

El Cunto


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