Wenger Shuts the Door

– Barcelona have admitted defeat in their chase for Cesc Fabregas. They have also concluded an 11.2 million pound transfer for Adriano (the left back from Sevilla). They won’t have the funds needed to buy Cesc, even at their delusional valuation price.

“Arsenal feel very hurt by Barca. They don’t want to listen to offers or sell and they are not putting the player on the market. There was a strong dispute a few months ago and they have not forgotten it.” – Sandro Rosell, Barcelona President

– He goes on to suggest that nobody would pay 50 million pounds for Cesc. That’s perfectly fine with us. Cesc can leave for Barcelona. In five years.

– Let’s be clear, it’s obvious that Cesc pined for a return back to Catalunya, but he wasn’t desperate enough to hand in a transfer request. That has less to do with his desire as much as his respect for Arsene Wenger and Arsenal. Barcelona have basically hung Cesc out to dry, and it’s time to welcome our captain back with open arms (if anybody even thought about being overly critical of Cesc).

– This, the act of defying Barcelona, is an action of a big club. We are a big club. It’s time for us to act like this all of the time.

– With that, our first preseason game is upon us. The start of the season is merely a few weeks away.

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