Random Musings and A Tribute to Thierrence

Jay Emmanuel-Thomas and Emmanuel Frimpong look like they are progressing but we really haven’t played anybody of note this pre-season. It’s still nice to see though. And of course we all want to see Lil’ Jack remind the world that despite everything, England (Arsenal) does produce skillful players.

Ricardo Carvalho has called Jose Mourinho “the best manager in the history of football”. Can he win a few international tournaments first before we say that? Clearly, Carvalho is eager to join Jose at Real Madrid. I am eager for us to face them in the Champions League at some stage. I would love to see Wenger thrash The Special One.

Yaya Toure has joined Manchester City for footballing reasons. And if Kolo were at United and they were swimming in money, he’d probably join them for “footballing reasons” too. This is a good chance for me to reiterate that you couldn’t get me to join Manchester Fucking United for anything – well, perhaps to save my nine year-old nephew if that’s what it came down to but for nothing else. Besides, they don’t need another crocked, old defender with a dodgy memory. They already have the absent-minded hoover.

Eduardo has left for a new challenge. Some people might argue that he has already faced the ultimate challenge after nice guy Tiny so uncharacteristically put in a (perfectly fair) challenge that just happened to threaten the native Brazilian’s career. As El Cunto has said, it is a shame we never got to see Eduardo’s best at Arsenal. Thank you very much English football. Take a good long look at the entire saga and you will find some helpful clues on the things that hurt the game in England.

Laurent Blanc has suspended the French players in response to their protest against the real “best manager in the history of football”, Raymond Domenech. As I understand it, he is still unemployed. I would recommend him highly to any English club that doesn’t already have a French manager.

Not to take any arm in arm solidarity stance with Chelsea and _pur_ but via Top Four Club membership, football has migrated south. Fuck off Stoke and the rest of you Northern cunts. Ooooh, I can barely wait to face you poor excuses for footballers.

France and England drew 1-1 at the U19 UEFA Championships Saturday. Coquelin came on for Sunu on 73. Tom Cruise played the entire match for England. Both teams are in the last four. England face Spain as France take on Croatia Tuesday.

A few people I’ve spoken to seem to feel that I have been harsh on Thierry Henry. Quite the opposite. He is a legend and will always be one. The man has made more happy moments for me than any athlete that I can think of.

THAT is saying loads.

He just doesn’t wear the Arsenal uniform any more hence he is off my radar. Besides, he plays in a league I do not follow. I did like this quote, “Whatever it is I want to come back [to Arsenal], maybe as a waterboy, I just love this club”.



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