While a new season is about to start, I find myself having to make a decision I have put off at least once before. When I was asked to join forces to help create the charter for 1886, I was honored. I was equally honored when asked to be a regular contributor.

I can speak for my colleagues in saying that the most important achievement for any of our posts is that they support football in general and Arsenal in particular. That more than anything has been exciting and has made every post worthwhile. Let’s be clear, some of my posts were, frankly speaking, shit. However, I hope I have contributed a few that were worth your time.

Nothing lasts forever though. Recent events at 1886 have convinced me that something different is needed. Perhaps a different personality, a different approach than what I bring is best for this blog.

I have taken the decision to part ways with 1886. I wish it nothing but the best. It was fun and a good experience. Thanks for the support, we all appreciate it. Keep the faith.

Chat later,
Agent 86
Echoing my colleagues thoughts, it is time for me to move on from this blog as well. I’ve been blessed with having enough time to write about Arsenal freely. However, I’m about to embark on the first step towards my ultimate career ambition. That is going to take up more of my time than I can probably even imagine.

My goal with this blog was to provide objective analysis with a keen affinity towards Arsenal. I am an Arsenal fan until I die. I don’t take that label lightly. I care deeply for our club, and don’t necessarily care all that much about any other football club. I tried to provide a dose of reality for Gooners and fans of other clubs. Sometimes I was successful, other times I was flat out wrong, and a few times there were disagreements.

I tried to write with passion, because anything less would not be worth anybody’s time. There are frankly many Arsenal blogs out there.

This blog will still continue, but El Cunto aka The Informer will be the main man. He’s entertaining, scandalous, intelligent, and capable of carrying this site forward.

Thanks to everybody who read even one word I wrote for this blog. We didn’t have a legion of fans, but I know there were a handful that was devoted to this blog.

I’ll sign off as “The One Who Shall Not Be Named.”


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