Kick ‘em When They’re Down

I generally don’t care about other clubs affairs. As long as their interests don’t interfere with ours, we can live in relative peace. However, if you know me any at all, you know that I detest Manchester United.

I hate Manchester United Football Club more than Ryan Giggs hates Arsenal.

I want to see them fail. I want their arrogant, self-righteous, spoilt fans to suffer. I read with glee, the following bits from a World Soccer article posted yesterday:

· Manchester United’s owners are £1.1bn in debt – £400m more than previously known – after borrowing against their shopping mall business.

· Mortgage documents seen by the programme (BBC Panorama) show that the Glazers have borrowed £388m ($570m) against shopping malls and £66m ($95m) against their American National Football League team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

· A portion of the Glazer family’s £700m Manchester United debt will soon see them charged interest at a rate of 16.25%.

· Cristiano Ronaldo has not been replaced by a player of similar quality. Yet ticket prices have gone up by more than a third.

Note: It can be argued that there aren’t many players of Ronaldo’s ability but point taken.

· Mr. Green (City analyst Andy Green, 37, is the Manchester United supporter who first uncovered the extent of the Glazers’ debts) found mortgages – confirmed by the BBC – on 63 of 64 First Allied shopping centres [owned by the Glazers], totalling £388m ($570m).

· Four shopping centres – one each in Ohio, New Mexico, Texas and Georgia – have already gone bankrupt.

· When they bought Manchester United in 2005, the Glazer family borrowed £500m and paid the remaining £272 million in cash. Mr Green found that the Glazers had remortgaged 25 of their shopping centres in the six months before the takeover.

Am I a spiteful, envious Arsenal fan with too much time on his hands? If you are a United fan, you’ve probably already condemned me as such so there is no use trying to convince you otherwise. For the record however, I am none of the above. I am simply someone who has suffered mightily from defeats and abuse by United and their fans. In general, their fans back and embody the manager’s attitude.

I have witnessed and felt the effects of Ferguson’s disproportionate influence on referees. I’ve seen blind eyes turned by match, league, and FA officials when Horse-face nearly took Ashley Cole’s leg off by the knee, when Gary Neville kicked Jose Antonio Reyes out of the EPL literally, and when Scholes has repeatedly shown that he tackles with as much skill as I (try to) play golf – virtually none. I’ve seen Wayne Rooney dive time after time with impunity. His record for dissent is a joke, even when just a few seasons ago, there was a push to curb if not eradicate the appalling (admittedly sometimes deserved) treatment that refs receive. I’ve seen Ferguson demand extra, extra time when his team are down late in matches. And it has been granted. WTF!?!?

Let’s be clear though, Manchester United have set the standards in many ways and they are managed by a legend in Alex Ferguson, but for every accolade, there are ten negatives attributable to him, the fans, and club. Taggart famously said that he was keen on “knocking Liverpool off their bloody perch”. It’s time he looked in the mirror.

Think back to all the spoilt child-like rants and adolescent petulance we’ve witnessed from that man. At least Wenger admits he is a sore loser. At least Wenger faces the press whether he has won or lost. And what of the kid glove treatment Ferguson gets from the media, regardless of how much enmity he has for them?

I remember being looked at like I had two heads when I announced in a pub that I would rather see Chelsea win the league if Arsenal couldn’t win it. Those who heard me and couldn’t believe that I would say such a thing clearly don’t get the Arsenal/United rivalry. My United wounds are deep. Their fans hate us. Their players hate us. Fuck them!

All is fair in love and war and all that (not that I liken football to war) so I feel no remorse for the unbridled hatred I have for that shit club. I hope that they collapse under the weight of debt the Glazers have craftily put them under.

Goo’on the Yanks!

I am happier than a pig in shit, knowing that our financial position is manageable and theirs gets worse by the day. And again, it isn’t sour grapes and envy for the many trophies they’ve won. We have our issues but finances are not the most dire.

People need to remember that Arsene Wenger may be stubborn to a fault but he is an economist by trade. In the main, he is very level-headed and has the club’s best interest in mind. We’ve not won trophies recently but look at how we manage our money. Unless you’ve been on Uranus for the past five to ten years, you’ll have noticed that the Arsenal’s status as a major force in club football has gained significant momentum. That momentum needs to result in trophies. No doubt about it, but we are not living on the edge like most top clubs are doing. Never take that for granted, especially in the current economic environment.

Would you prefer to be in our position or that of a club with massive, massive debt that they cannot control? Or maybe worse yet, to be like a club with loads of cash but coming from a sugar daddy like Chelsea or Manchester City, instead of having a self-sustainable plan?

We aren’t perfect. We aren’t nearly as successful as we’d like to be. I have lost faith in many players in the current squad, but things could be much worse. United have a massive debt that is growing. I hope it gets even worse.

Keep the Faith


Get Your Tits Out For the Lads

So I come home from work and turn on the TV to Fox Soccer Channel. On the screen is Sky Sports Andy Gray sitting on a bar stool with Eric Wynalda and that bald, fat, know-nothing, ex-pat Nick Webster. All three are sitting inside the New York bar Nevada Smiths.

Five minutes of watching them talk about a variety of topics, the camera switches to a brunette bimbo with a microphone called Temryss Lane. She’s standing next to a white mid 30’s English woman who has seen better days.

Her name is Miss Manc from Manchester.

Miss Manc’s question is related to Manchester United. It was a redundantly boring question.

Miss Manc is a Nevada Smiths regular. She’s been a regular there for nearly 10 years. I first saw Miss Manc when she was standing on top of the bar showing her small breasts to all and sundry. She was notorious for downing pints and acting like a “lad”. It seems she hasn’t changed – except that she’s well past her sell by date.

More questions came from the Nevada Smiths crowd. Stale, English ex-pats who thought they were Lord of the Manor asked cloying questions about Chelsea and England to Andy Gray. As questions were being answered by Andy and his crew, the Nevada crowd tried to sing lame football chants or shove club scarves and shirts into view of the camera. It was pathetic.

Nevada’s has gone down in my estimation. It’s now a bar riding on it’s reputation.

While some of Nevada’s patrons need to grow up, Fox Soccer Channel needs show a bit more class by hosting a soccer show in a better establishment. They’re equally as embarrassing as drunks like Miss Manc. They will never gain kudos until they change tact.

Cunts of the Season – Stoke City Fans

After the sickening Aaron Ramsey injury back in March, some Stoke fans chanted:

“He’s Only Got One Leg.”

This was chanted both in the Britannia Stadium and outside with some Stoke fans shouting “Buy Him a Parrot”, “Peg Leg Ramsey”, and “I Hope he Never Plays Again.”

On the football phone-ins that same night, some Stoke fans called into BBC Radio 5 Live and said that the sooner Arsenal “get lost from the Premiership and have a game of tickling with Barcelona the better.” Another caller from Stoke was more forward calling the huddle by the Arsenal players at the end of the match “gay” and claimed that Arsenal were “Kings of being the victims.”

I hope that Stoke City get relegated next season.

England 3-1 Mexico

This game confirmed what we already know:

1) England will not win the World Cup but the hype surrounding them will make you think that they will.

2) England are still a set piece team. That’s how they will score in South Africa.

3) England are efficient but very dull.

4) Theo Walcott can’t cross. Look at Wayne Rooney’s body language after another cross by Theo goes nowhere. You can tell Rooney doesn’t rate him.

5) James Milner is over-hyped and out of his depth when it comes to England.

Keep It Arsenal

There’s a Time For Everything

I don’t use Twitter. Myspace is out. I rarely use Facebook. The social networking thing is just not me. I find it rather silly to be honest.

That won’t stop me sharing this link.

Fuck Sp*rs!

The New _pur_

_omeone told me that _pur_ have clinched a CL place for next term. I couldn’t be more apathetic. Yet, I am happy that Man City have not. We don’t need another Chel_ea.

Yeah, _ome of my key_ broke. I need a new laptop.

Winning The League

The team that wins the league can fuck off.
And if it’s United, they can fuck off twice.

Let’s be clear though, I don’t care for Chelsea any at all.

I just hate United.

Keep the Faith

Fuck United

I hope they fail.

That is all.

Let’s All Laugh at Arsenal

Yesterday was meant to be a celebration of St. Totteringham’s Day. Instead, Gooners today are a laughing stock.

Before the game, Arsenal were firm favorites to win. Spurs were meant to be demoralized after losing to relegated and debt fucked Portsmouth in one of the biggest shocks of FA Cup semi-final history.

Spurs were also meant to be weak, having played extra time last Sunday on a Wembley sapping pitch with their two best midfielders out through injury and suspension.

Arsenal had no game last weekend. We had a week off.

Spurs included a 19 year old making his debut and had Cuntes Kaboul playing out of position. Their midfield was run by Tom Huddlestone – a man with a thunder shot and not much else.

On paper, this should have been three points to Arsenal. The Scum were there for the taking.

In the early stages, Arsenal looked more likely to score. From a corner, Campbell forced a clearance off the line. We looked in control. The pace of the game was frenetic. Then Spurs had their first real attack. A Pavlycunto shot that was bravely blocked by Vermaelen. Corner to Spurs and a roar from the Scum massive.

Enter Manuel Almunia.

The corner is whipped in to his box. Almunia elects to punch because catching a ball is not part of his game. I said “punch” but Almunia jabbed the ball. The ball drops to the edge of his penalty area. Almunia is in no-mans-land. The 19 year old debutant smashes home Almunia’s jab and Shite Hart Lane detonates.

The Gooner I’m watching the game with says you can’t blame Almunia’s punch. The co-commentator and ex-Yid, Paul Walsh concurred. Fine, Almunia’s “jab” wasn’t the reason for Spurs going one up, but the ball going through his arms, like water going through a sieve, was.

In big games, Almunia will fuck up.

He makes crucial saves – like he did in the second half when one on one with Modric – but he also makes crucial mistakes.

Inconsistent goalkeepers don’t belong at a club as big as Arsenal.

Wenger says his back-up Fabianski will one day be world class. Well, that day isn’t today and it’s unlikely to be any time soon. World class goalkeepers do exist and they’re available. Time to fucking buy one and spend whatever it takes to get one otherwise this time next year will be another case of deja fucking vu.

Sunderland spent 9 million pounds on Craig Gordon and he’s better than Almunia. We got Almunia from a club that had sent him out on loan because they didn’t rate him. Almunia was a not wanted, back-up keeper, offloaded on loan, by a lowly La Liga club to another lowly Spanish club – when Arsenal bought him for 500,000 pounds and 8 Rice Krispies treats.

Arsenal’s number one transfer target MUST be a goalkeeper. I can’t take any more jabs, failure to catch a high cross or poor positioning. I want a keeper that installs confidence in his defenders and organizes his back four just as good as Sol Campbell does.

Sol Campbell deserves a one year contract. The man carried Arsenal for the majority of the game and nearly scored twice. He put other Arsenal players to shame last night. Especially the midfield and attack.

There was no understanding between them. We looked like a team that had just met each other for the first time. I lost count the amount of times balls were played to no-one or passed to a Spurs player. It was poor.

Tactically, Wenger got it wrong. He played 4-3-3. His attack included a right-back and a central midfielder. This left Bendtner alone and placing himself in bizarre positions to receive the ball because he had no one to play off. Maybe Eduardo’s and Vela’s days are numbered but when you’re playing against the carthorse Michael Dawson and the crock Ledley King, you need to test them with at least two attackers and not a confused right-back or a Czech midfielder who looked like a fairy searching for his wand.

The other Arsenal player who put everyone to shame was Robin van Persie. Here’s a man who hasn’t played for over five months. Yet in his 20 minute performance, he had four strikes that produced top draw saves from Gomes. Van Persie’s introduction suddenly turned the 4-3-3 formation from impotence to potency. Arsenal now had two attackers and the threat of Walcott on the right. Our goal involved all three attackers with van Persie feeding Walcott who crossed for Bendtner to slide in. We now had Spurs on the ropes.

With another strike partner to play off, Bendtner suddenly came alive. His goal was his ninth in eleven appearances. He doesn’t have the class of van Persie but as a target man he can be very useful. Nevertheless, last night you could see why Wenger has signed Chamakh from Bordeaux.

My only major criticism of the players is their lack of passion or fight. This was summed up in injury time by Almunia. The clown has the ball in his hands. Time is running out. You would expect him to boot the ball into the Spurs half. Instead, he throws it to an Arsenal defender who is not expecting the ball and who is immediately under pressure from a Spurs player. Almunia did this three times. On one occasion, he threw the ball to Silvestre who, under pressure, passed the ball to Peter Crouch.

It was so bad, it was laughable.

The season is over.

It ended at White Hart Lane of all places.

The Scum love that fact.

Keep It Arsenal